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Welcome to the FOES Web Site. Our aim is that through the World Wide Web, we will be able to reach more former members of the scouting movement who lived in the village of Eynsham, which is just west of Oxford in the United Kingdom, and provide a quicker and better news service to existing members.

Our group was founded in 1989 by some Eynsham Venture Scouts who became to old to stay in the movement, but wanted to stay together, and formed the Evenlode Scout Fellowship. The idea was that they would continue to meet socially whilst also offering their skills to support the scout sections in the village, and organise fund-raising events. This group later evolved into The Friends of Eynsham Scouts, so that they could concentrate their efforts on the village, rather than spread their support thinly throughout the whole district which was becoming a logistical problem.

Now, FOES organise four or five social events a year with the aim of having a good time as a group in a Scouting atmosphere, whilst raising money for specific projects defined by the Scout Groups Executive Committee. We also try to support all the groups where we can, by providing manpower and skills to help the leaders as requested. We also produce a quarterly Newsletter sent out to all our members, current leaders and parents of boys and girls in the units, which you will find the latest version by clicking the NEWSLETTER button on the left. In addition to the Newsletter you'll find out more about past events and activities in the GROUP SUPPORT and SOCIAL EVENTS sections, updating news on events more regularly, and also provide more space for photo’s, with the added bonus of them being in colour! The final section of the web site is our Fun and Feedback page. Here you'll find a "Millionaire" style quiz, the FOES Top Ten, a Feedback link to the Committee, the latest Committee Minutes, and your chance to share your views with other members in the FOES Forum.

We hope you enjoy reading about what we have been getting up to and welcome your comments or feedback. If you were in a scout or guide unit in the village, please e-mail us on "mark@foes.freeserve.co.uk" or visit the Fun and Feedback page so we can keep in contact with you directly, no matter where you now live, near or far. Membership is FREE so drop us a line, and we hope to see you soon.

Links to other web sites

If you would like to learn more about the village of Eynsham, there are loads of sites that come up when you use a search engine. Some good starting points are the Eynsham Village Web Site and the Secondary Schools web site featuring work by the pupils at Bartholomew School. The Scout Group also plays a major part in organising the village's biggest annual event The Eynsham Carnival held on the first Saturday in July. Below you can see what Eynsham looks like from the air courtessy of The Millenium Map. If you want to see where you live from above, visit their website.


Thanks for visiting our site. We hope you enjoy what you find and welcome your comments, suggestions and e-mails.

Where are the FOES?

We live in Eynsham which is a small village with a population of about 5,000 people. It is five miles to the west of Oxford, England, just off the A40 main road.


The current FOES Committee are:
Steve Batts - Chairman,
Pat Bustin - Treasurer,
Mark Watson - Secretary,
Paul Berry - Minutes Secretary, plus Dave Batts and Chris Batts.

The dodgy looking bloke below is me, Secretary, Newsletter Editor, and now Webmaster!


HOME PAGE - Here you'll find the contents list, discover all about our group, where we are, who are the current Committee members and we finish with links to other related web sites.

NEWSLETTER - The latest edition of our Newsletter with pictures and additional reports of news, events, what's going on in FOES, dates for your diary and the latest news in the E-UPDATE column.

GROUP SUPPORT - On this page you can see extra photographs and reports about what the group have been doing and our activites to support them. It features some of the events that have happened over the last six months.

SOCIAL EVENTS - More pictures and news, this time of our social and fund raising events where we get together and raise money to run FOES.

FUN AND FEEDBACK - And finally, our "Millionaire" quiz, a chance to feedback info and comments or sugestions to the committee, the FOES FORUM discussion section, a copy of the last Committee Meeting Minutes and just for fun, the FOES Top Ten singles chart!
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