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Welcome to our Group Support page. Here we will give you more pictures and information about what is happening in the group and our support activities. We hope you enjoy it, maybe you'll even see yourself or someone you know.

Below you'll find photo's about the presentation of our second FOES Dome Tent to the Cubs, our gift of craft materials to the Rainbows and pictures of our Scout Headquarters. Keep logging in to see more pictures soon of Camp 2000 and this years Eynsham Carnival.

Due to the large number of photographs on this page, it may take some time to down load. Please be patient. We think you'll find it'll be worth waiting for!

Dome Tent No:2

Having already provided one light weight Dome tent to the Scouts last year, we presented a second identical tent to the group at a cub night, which is for the whole group to use. The boys were very excited and couldn't wait to use it.

Rainbows got stuck

In January 2000, we received a request for help from the Brownies. Since we had not helped them before, we were keen to meet their request. They do a lot of craft work and had to share glue sticks one between four. Not any more as FOES have provided enough for each girl to have their own and some large sheets of card too.

Our Headquarters

This is our Scout Hut which is in the centre of the village. It is due to be improved soon as part of the Community Centre project which is being built next door. Refurbishment will include repairing the roof and drains, replacement windows, cladding for the walls and the store room at the end will be resited. Watch this space for updates.


FOES Chairman Steve Batts presents our second tent to cub Robert Eddington and Eagle Pack Akela/Group Scouter-in-Charge Rose Green.


Rainbow leader Carole Burden would like to thank FOES for the card and glue sticks. The girls only pay a small amount in subs so it is great that they can get what they need through your support at events.


The inside of the hut will also be redecorated, the heating improved, floor sealed and roof repaired, and new loo's and a kitchen installed. Here we see Cub Leader Rose (also acting GSL) investing three new boys who have just come up from Beavers.

January 2000

Whilst we're talking about the cubs, this are some of our cubs taking part in the district cub chess tournament at Henry Box School in Witney. We fielded the biggest team and came second overall.

February 2000

There are about 15 Rainbows with 3 Leaders. Its the starting point for the Guides and feeds into two Brownie units. Here we see the Rainbows cooking, preparing happy face beef burgers using vegetables for the features. The leaders then do the cooking and the Rainbows then do the eating!

Site re-development

To the right of our hut is where the new centre will be built on the site of the now demolished British Leigon Hall and original Youth Club. To the left is a Portacabin where the Acre End Playgroup currently are, which used to be the old village library. This will be moved and in a land swap deal will become the scouts outdoor activity area, replacing the rough ground to the right of the hut.


FOES news reporters wanted!

Do you have any photographs of FOES?

Would you like some of your units activities to appear on our site?

All we need is a few photo's and a paragraph or two to tell us what's happening.

Either e-mail your reports with pictures to or send them to Mark Watson at home, and we'll publish them here.

All photo's will be scanned and returned within a week or so.

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