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FOES Top Ten

1 - Friend or Foes
- Adam Ant
(No:9 1982)

2 - Committee Lace
- The Big Bopper
(No:12 1958)

3 - Leaders Of The Pack
- Shangri-Las
(No:7 1965)

4 - Ventures In Blue Jeans
- Mark Wunter
(No:4 1962)

5 - Scout, Scout, Knock Yourself Out
- Rocky Sharpe and the Replays
(No:9 1982)

6 - Right By Your Guide
- The Eurythmics
(No:10 1983)

7 - Cub Outside
- Mike Sarne
(No:1 1962)

8 - In The Brownies
- Billy Connolly
(No:38 1979)

9 - Beavers Forever
- The Spice Girls
(No:1 1998)

10 - Rainbows Valley
- The Love Affair
(No:5 1968)

If you have any new entries for our chart, e-mail us now!

This is our fun and feedback page. Here you'll find our version of the TV quiz "Who wants to be a Millionaire", our FOES top ten singles chart and a copy of the last committee meeting minutes.

If you would like to add some other fun items, competitions, teasers, jokes, etc. send us an e-mail and we'll add it in.

You can also e-mail any comments you have for the committee on any subject by clicking on FEEDBACK below, or if you would like to start a discussion or post a message to all FOES members on line, click FOES Forum below and start the ball rolling!

Could you be a Millionaire?

Have you sat at home watching "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" and shouting at the TV "I could do better than that," well now is your chance to prove it. We asked our e-foes (FOES members on e-mail) to come up with some multiple choice questions for Beaver Camp so we could put together a quiz for the parents in the evening. We had a great response with far more than we needed on the night, so we've put together some of the questions we didn't use in a Millionaire style quiz, but without the smug Chris Tarrant teasing contestants with cheques.

So take the challenge. If you don't know the answer, ask a friend, or take the money and run. We don’t have 50/50, but you can ask your family or take a chance on the reserve question printed at the bottom. To find out how you did, can e-mail your answers to mark@foes.freeserve.co.uk and I'll e-mail your result. If you come across a question that you set, use the reserve question instead.

The tension mounts, the lights go blue, the music starts, you're in the spotlight and just 15 questions away from £1,000,000! Good Luck.

1. For £100, From the Eynsham Directory, Which lane links High Street to Queens Lane?
a) Conduit Lane, b) Tanners Lane, c) Pug Lane, d) Wasties Lane.

2. For £200, Helen Batts asks, Which is the shorter ferry crossing from Britain and mainland Europe?
a) Dover - Calais, b) Dover - Ostend, c) Harwich - Hook of Holland, d) Plymouth - Santander.

3. For £300, Suzanne Watson asks, Geri Halliwel's single released in September was called?
a) La Dolche Vita, b) My Sweet Lavina, c) Mi Chico Latino, d) My Latino Bambino.

4. For £500, From the Eynsham Directory, Who is Eynsham's M.P?
a) Harry Wyatt, b) Shaun Woodward, c) Evan Harris, d) Andrew Smith.

5. For £1,000, Mark Watson asks, Where did the civil unrest start in East Timor?
a) Timor, b) Dili, c) Kormin, d) Jakarta.


6. For £2,000, Carol Barker asks, Who was the captain of the England 1966 World Cup winning team?
a) Bobby Moore, b) Jack Charlton, c) Bobby Charlton, d) Alan Ball.

7. For £4,000Dave Batts asks, What is the overall stopping distance when travelling at 50 mph?
a) 53 metres. b) 73 metres. c) 36 metres. d) 96 metres.

8. For £8,000, Josie Smith asks, Which is the nearest hospital to Eynsham to have a minor injuries unit?
a) Oxford, b) Burford, c) Abingdon, d) Witney.

9. For £16,000, Caroline Watson asks, How much does a 500g box of Kellogg's Cornflakes cost at the Co-op in Eynsham?
a) £1.09 b) £1.19, c) £1.15, d) £1.21

10. For £32,000, Clifford Ward asks, How many bones are there in a Giraffes Neck?
a) 5 b) 7 c) 9 d) 11

11. For £64,000, Mark Watson asks, What is the name of the replacement for cassette recording?
a) Micro Disc, b) Digi Disc, c) Data Disc, d) Mini Disc.

12. For £125,000, Carol Barker asks, Which flower does the spice Saffron come from?
a) Daffodil, b) Crocus, c) Tulip, d) Geranium.

13. For £250,000, Trevor Winstone asks, In the 1998 Smarties Book Prize Gold Award winning Harry Potter series of books by J K Rowling, What do Witches and Wizards call those who know nothing of the world of witches and wizards?
a) Squibs, b) Dongles, c) Muggles, d)Nomages.

14. For £500,000, From the Eynsham Directory, What building was founded on 1005?
a) Benedictine Abbey, b) St Leonard's Church, c) Bartholomew Room, d) Grange Mill.

15. For £1000000, Anthony Batts asks, When Scuba Diving, how many times do you have to equalise the pressure in your ears whilst descending underwater?
a) once when you reach the required depth, b) every five metres, c) every metre, d) never.

So how did you do? E-mail your answers now to mark@foes.freeserve.co.uk

Reserve Questions:

16. For Part 1. When do the Eagle Cub Pack meet?
a) Mondays, b) Tuesdays, c) Wednesdays, d) Thursdays.

17. For Part 2. What is the name of the Parish Council Newsletter?
a) Eynsham Echo, b) Eynsham News, c) Eynsham Roundabout, d) Eynsham Parish Newsletter.

18. For Part 3. Who lost tax money when the ferry capsized at Swinford crossing (before the bridge) in 1636?
a) Henry VIII b) Charles I c) Charles II d) Henry V


We welcome your input, comments, corrections, and suggestions. Also we would like to hear from any ex-scouts and guides from Eynsham. Please e-mail us your name and address so we can put you on our mailing list and keep you in touch. Write to FOES Secretary Mark Watson at mark@foes.freeserve.co.uk by clicking on the FEEDBACK title above.

If you have any news or info for this site or the Newsletter, or you would like to post a message in our new FOES FORUM e-mail mark NOW by clicking on the title below.

FOES Forum

What did you think of the barn dance? Do you have any comments about the last Newsletter? Would you like to start an e-mail discussion about the future of FOES? What do you think about the development of the Scout H.Q. and The Village Hall project? Well this will be the place to talk about it.

We hope that The Foes Forum will become a discussion area on any subject you like. If you want to give personal feedback to the committee, click FEEDBACK above, but if you would like your comments issed to a wider audience or start a discussion, click FOES FORUM and e-mail us now!.


The committee would like to know what type of event you would like for next years annual get together. From the response last year, we will probably hold it again in Eynsham and will try to keep the cost as low as possible. One idea we have had is to run it along side a FOES Grand Draw with prizes similar to those donated to the Race Night. If every memeber were able to sell or buy 3 books of tickets at £1 each, this would raise over £1000 to help us to support the group, plus what ever we make on the door. Whatever happens to the head-quarters, the group are going to need our support to refurbish the existing hall, or help fit out a new one, so next years event must be a profitable one open to as many people as possible. What do you think about he draw? What type of entertainment would you like? Would you prefer a family do or have it just for adults? The next committee meeting is on July 25th so please let us know your thoughts in advance.

Mark Watson, FOES Secretary. 15/7/2000


The Group have asked FOES to investigate the origins of Scouting in Eynsham to see if we are due for an anniversary soon. So far we have found out that we could be about 90 years old but are still researching memories to get some more details. Further to this request, we thought it would be a good idea to put together a booklet on the history of the Scout and Guide Groups of Eynsham, packed full of memories and old photographs, right from its beginnings up to the present day. So, can you help. No matter when you were involved in the group as a child, parent, leader or however, put down your memories on paper or e-mail and send them to me with a photo or two if possible. All will be returned and credits given for your help.

Mark Watson, FOES Secretary. 20/02/2000

Committee Meeting Minutes

Friends Of Eynsham Scouting - Committee meeting Tuesday 9th May 2000

Present: Pat Bustin, Steve Batts, Dave Batts, Chris Batts, Mark Watson, Paul Berry.

1. Minutes of AGM

The minutes of the AGM were accepted as correct.

2. Matters arising

District Camp Activities - Saturday 27th May

Welly Darts Mark to construct a ‘spiders web’ for use as a target. Rope to be purchased from funds.
Chris to check the Batts’ store of wellingtons - 3 x adult and 3 x child’s.
Chris to supply badminton net for wellingtons to be thrown over.
Caroline Watson to purchase sweet supply for prizes out of funds.

Blind Trail Steve to confirm with Trevor Winstone that he is still willing to organise this activity.

Catering Caroline Watson requires help for Friday 26th and Saturday 27th. Paul to ask Jim and Jan Hanks. All to seek help from others.

Cassington Fete - Saturday 24th June 2000

Mark was approached by one of the organisers to see whether or not FOES would run an activity during the fete. Mark is willing to run ‘Welly Darts’ as being used at the District Camp - Steve will help. The entry fee and prizes will be:

50p a go
£10 for the highest adult score of the day
£10 for the highest child score of the day
‘spot’ prize - can of drink for certain number score

Caroline Watson to purchase a case of soft drinks out of funds. 50% of the profits will go to Cassington Fete.

Eynsham Carnival - Saturday 1st July 2000

Decorated float No interest has been shown from the Scout Group or the newsletter, therefore is was agreed that FOES would not enter a float. All FOES committee members will be occupied with other Carnival activities.

Welly Darts To be run as Cassington Fete - prizes to be the same. Caroline to purchase prizes out of funds.

Blind Trail To be run similar to District Camp - Steve to confirm with Trevor Winstone that he is still willing to organise this activity.

Flower Festival Jan Hanks is willing to create a FOES display. The theme being ‘Past, Present and Future’. Details to be provided to Jan when known.

Group Support

Equipment Following the FOES AGM, the leaders requested the following equipment map cases, compasses, safety whistles, pens and pencils. It was felt that equipment like this should be funded by the individual sections as part of their general running costs, and in any case should be requested via the agreed request procedure:

Leaders request the Scout Group Executive for assistance and if felt appropriate then the Group Executive should approach FOES.

Marquee Mike Green has requested help on the following:

Saturday afternoon 13th May - no FOES help available
Sunday evening 14th May - Mark, Paul & Trevor
Wednesday evening 24th May - Steve, Dave & Paul

3. FOES Summer and Autumn Events

Sun 21st July Treasure Hunt by Paul Tweney. 12.00 noon at the Buttercross, Witney.

Sat 10th June Aunt Sally, 7.30pm White Hart, Eynsham. Not an official FOES event but open to everyone. Paul to ask Jim Hanks if he would run the event. Paul/Mark to book the White Hart.

Sun 30th July Summer walk. Chris and Steve to organise.

Sat 14th Oct Quiz night, White Hart, Eynsham. Kirstie McKenzie and Nick Hutton to be asked if they could organise this event. Paul/Mark to book the White Hart.

W/E in Oct Paul, Andy Wotherspoon and Jim Hanks to organise a walk with Trevor Winstone for the Ventures.

4. Scouts research

Mark is making good progress on obtaining information on the history of Eynsham Scouts. He will require assistance with library searches. The eventual aim is to publish two books, one for the first 50 years and another to complete the centenary.

5. Newsletter

Mark has become concerned about the lack of response that the newsletter produces which is disheartening considering the amount of time and effort that is required to produce it. Mark proposed that the newsletter should be reduced to a single ‘what’s on’ information sheet instead. All agreed.

Next meeting - Tuesday 25th July, 7.30pm, Chris Batts house

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